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2019 Christmas Event
Photos from our Christmas Event 2019

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Experience Church 2019
Over 150 pupils from Year 5 at St Michael's Middle School have been Experiencing Church over the past two days. Here are some photos of their experience

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Creationtide 2019
At All Age Worship today we celebrated Creationtide, at the end of the service we blessed the churchyard and the church centre garden. As frog joined us as we processed around the church. This was followed by coffee in the patio area. We also revealed the work of the Creating to Creationtide group have been making over the summer, under the leadership of the talented Hilary G. A real team effort showing that together we can do so much more.

"As your people, we are stewards of this world which you have made.
But our lack of constant caring may become the price we’ve paid.
For its beauty and your creatures may not now survive our greed,
If we cannot work together in this hour of nature’s need."
Verse 2 - the Creation Song

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Easter 2019
Our beautifully decorated Church this Easter

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Vision Day 2019
Are we Open to God, Open to All?
In Messy Church Style we reflected on What's Happening in Our Church.
"A Crazy Paving of Activities"
"We are involved in more activities than there were people in our congregation"
"A supporting community"
"A praying Community"

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Stars and Angels
Angels and Stars decorating the Church this Advent.

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Remembrance 2018
Flight of Peace Doves and Remembrance Rocks

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Experience Church 2018
150 Year 5 Pupils from St Michael's Middle School Attended Experience Church (October 2018)

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Church Mice Afternoon
Our Colouring Competition and Family Fun Afternoon.

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Snowy St. Michael's 2018
A Rare Dorset Snow Day
1st March 2018

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Christmas Event 2017
Photos from our Christmas Market and Craft Event, plus the lighting of the Community Christmas Tree

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Mac's Retirement
Mac Chisholm’s Retirement as Lay Minister at St Michaels after 40 years Ministry, 32 at Colehill!

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Harvest Festival 2017
We had 125 reasons to give thanks at our Cafe Style All Age Worship, as we celebrate Harvest Festival, the Festival of St. Michael and All Angels, and the 125th Anniversary of the breaking of the sod for the construction of this church. Our harvest donations were collected for the Women's Refuge in Salisbury. The service was followed by an abundance of apple cake

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Church Picnic 2017
Photos from our Church Picnic at Upton Country Park, where an energetic game of rounders was enjoyed by young and old.

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Christmas Craft Event
Christmas Craft Event and Lighting of the Community Christmas Tree

4th December 2016

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Experience Church 2016
Five Year 5 classes from St Michaels and Year 3 classes from Hayeswood and Colehill First Schools in the week before half term. The children had a wonderful time of exploration, the teachers enjoyed some peaceful sanctuary space at the end of a demanding half term. What a lovely event we had, and a great privilege to open up the church in this way.

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Colehill Celebrates
Pictures of Colehill's celebrations of the Queen's 90th birthday

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John Goodall Retirement Dinner
Photos of the Reception and Dinner for John to mark his retirement

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South Sudan
Photos from Yambio & Karika in South Sudan

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