Covid Protocols

With the relaxation of Covid 19 restrictions our practice in church has now changed. We are no longer expecting you to wear a face covering in church: feel free to continue to wear one if you feel safer doing so. We are no longer asking people to use the QR code for track and trace, or taking a register of those attending services.

What has not changed:

  • We are continuing to administer communion in the same manner as before
  • The presiding priest and those assisting at the distribution will wear a face covering for those parts of the service.
  • It is still possible to ask people to socially distance if anyone feels vulnerable, and cards are available to place on your seats to indicate this.
  • We are continuing to ensure good ventilation and encouraging the use of hand sanitiser on entry to and exit from the building, and before receiving communion.

If you think you are unwell with Covid 19, or any other transmissible illness, please do stay at home and watch the livestream instead.

Thank you everyone for playing your part in helping us all feel safe in church during the pandemic