Silent Prayer & Quiet Space 

Silent Prayer

There is so much activity and noise in our every day lives that most of need to learn stillness. 

Once we begin down the road of stillness, our minds can be quickly distracted by our thoughts.

Prayer is the lifeblood of faith.   Through prayer, God calls us into a deeper relationship with God.

Silent prayer allows us  to sit in stillness in the silence of God.
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In the words of St Augustine, "We may pray most when we say least."

St Michael's holds Silent Prayer on the first Monday of the month in Church at 7pm or on the first Friday of the month in the Alec Moore Room, in the Church Centre at 2pm.

Silent Prayer is an opportunity to spend an hour and a half in meditation, contemplation and gentle bible reading (Lectio Divina*). 

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Reading, Reflecting, Responding and Remaining

The Four R's of Lectio Divina

Reading Take your time and read the passage, getting a sense of what it is saying. Read the passage again – what words and phrases strike you – and listen in your heart.

Reflecting – Read the passage again, slowly. Pause on the words and phrases that strike you and take time to consider their meaning, particularly in your life.

Responding – Read the passage again, slowly. Consider how God has spoken to you in this passage and respond back to him. Maybe consider how the passage is asking you to act differently.

Remaining – Take some time to simply be in the presence of God.

Silent Prayer Dates for 2020 

Mondays 7pm in Church Fridays 2pm in the Alec Moore Room
3rd February  7th February
2nd March 6th March
6th April 3rd April
4th May 1st May
1st June 5th June
6th July 3rd July
3rd August 7th August
7th September 4th September
5th October 2nd October
2nd November 6th November
7th December 4th December

*There are no meetings on Bank Holidays

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